AWS Core

The AWS Ops Core is geared towards system administrators who are tasked with managing or building applications on the cloud.
This course prepares you for real-world scenarios on topics like scalability, fault tolerance, cost optimization and performance.
Training comprises theoretical considerations as well as 11 labs with real AWS accounts and resources like IAM, EC2, EBS, ELB, AGS, Route53, CloudWatch, S3, RDS, etc.
After taking this course, you will gain experience in designing and building production environments in Amazon Cloud.
Besides, after the training you're welcome to perform labs to get hands-on experience, and during this you can ask the trainer for help.
  • Introduction
  • Security: shared responsibility model
  • Managing users, groups and roles with IAM
  • Monitoring with CloudWatch & SNS
  • VPC networking
  • Computing with EC2
  • Storing data in EBS
  • Fault tolerance with ELB
  • Route53 for geo-distributed environments
  • Global delivery with CloudFront
  • Scaling with ASG
  • Storing data on S3 & Glacier
  • Hosted databases in RDS overview
  • How to design cloud services
  • Questions and answers
It's welcome, but not mandatory to have practical AWS experience. However, you have to have basic understanding of:
  • General IT terminology;
  • Networking;
  • Linux shell.

Запись на курс

Код курсаAWS Core
Длительность3д (24ч)
Код экзамена
Стоимость без НДС12 000 000 UZS

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